We Believe That Every Child Is Unique and Can Succeed.




Who Are We?

We are a licensed childcare institution that provides part and full-time care for children ages 0-5 years old.

Teachers must have Early Childhood development units, CPR, and first aid certification. We want our staff to be educated to provide the best environment for the children.

We opened our doors in May of 2016, with the goal of creating a stress free environment and to foster a love of life long learning.

Our Philosophy

We utilize a play-based approach to learning. Children have an innate set of interests that can be used to stimulate learning through teacher-guided scaffolding, or independently.

We hope to nurture your child into a Compound Bilingual through our Spanish Immersion program that targets language acquisition during critical periods of brain development, when plasticity is the highest.

We celebrate every child's diversity and enable them to exercise key developmental areas through our language center, Literacy area, Art Center, Manipulative, Science center and movement area.

Our Philosophy

Our Approach

Our program uses developmentally appropriate curriculum that takes into account student's skills, abilities, interests, and future projection to further their progression with as much natural ease as possible.

Our job is to facilitate their learning and create a warm, nurturing and welcoming environment to foster curiousity and exploration.

We also strive to accommodate and promote all types of intelligences.